“Beahouse is a stationery brand created by stationery creator Abe Daiki to bring his creative ideas and designs to life for everyday use..
Beahouse’s stationery aims to create products with innovation, simplicity, and functionality.”


“We are a design unit that produces stationery products from Japan that are full of ideas that we hope will make you slap your knees in amusement.knock you to your knees.

Our mission is “”Kneepon from Nippon!”” In Japan, we slap our knees in satisfaction when we figure something out. “”Pon”” is the sound the hand makes when slapping the knee. Nippon is how Japanese people call our country. Thus “”Knee-pon from Nippon!”” Get it?”


“We at Kamiterior are all about developing unique products made of paper selected with the utmost care.
Paper that is comfortable to write on. Paper that matches the writing instrument and ink.
The color of the ink also depends on the paper it is applied to.
Paper that can be written on. Paper that can be used as interior decoration. Kamiterior is all about the paper.”

Rondo Werkstatt

“””Making the world brighter, more enjoyable, and easier to understand, through art and design””

In a society where information is increasing at an accelerated rate due to technological innovation, we believe that art has the power to directly appeal to people’s hearts. Through our orginally designed stationery and household goods, we hope to offer hooks that connect art and daily life. to bring you brightness, fun, and clarity to your lives.”

Yamamoto Paper

“YAMAMOTO PAPER is a paper wholesaler and original stationary brand located in Osaka, Sakai. Founded in 1972, over the years we have sold a lot of paper as a paper wholesaler. In 2005, Draw on our own experience, we started to manufacture and sale original products made with selected paper. In 2009, Old Heidelberg windmill platen letterpress came to our company and we started to print with it. Also we are doing various activities to convey the enjoyment of the paper.
Even white paper that looks the same has bluish white and reddish white. There is also a sparkling white paper that will be used for wedding invitations if there is a white paper with slick texture. Paper has different thickness, color and texture, and there are thousands of types. To convey such entertainment of paper and warmth of paper, we are making products using various printing technologies and paper processing technologies. We continue to create values through paper that we can confidently convey to the future.”